You have a lot going for yourself. New clients, old clients, challenges, nutrition plans, continuing education, and much much more. Instead of running around in circles trying to figure out many new different business-related tasks, work with someone that has the experience and expertise.

Here are some basic tasks you can outsource to this fitness virtual assistant:

General Administrative Tasks

  • Manage Calendar
  • Confirm appointments (phone & email)
  • Make copies, and have all forms and paperwork ready to go (consult folders, etc. on the cloud)
  • Write emails & creates templates
  • Handle data entry
  • Proof and schedule emails, blog posts, and social posts
  • Create graphics on Canva
  • Create and send weekly team updates (schedule, announcements, shout-outs, etc.)
  • Create and order business cards
  • Bookkeeping
  • Create weekly, monthly, and quarterly financial reports

Current Client Tasks

  • Check-in on current clients
  • Run accountability program
  • Oversee new client onboarding
  • Assemble new client welcome packages
  • Mail welcome packages
  • Manage Client Card System (birthday, anniversary, milestones, etc.)
  • Keep up-to-date client records (health history, liability, etc.)
  • Create a weekly members-only newsletter
  • Draft up client spotlights
  • Get testimonials and reviews using your systems
  • Keep all of our clients up to date in CRM (Zoho, Onboard me, etc)
  • Prep & assists with transformation challenges

Social Media & Other Platforms

  • Manage Facebook Fan Page (posts & messages)
  • Manage Instagram Page (posts & messages)
  • Manage Facebook Groups with Challenges
  • Post “shout-outs” for birthdays, special occasions, and achievements
  • Create Facebook Events
  • Manage YouTube account
  • Create Meet-Up Events

Online/Web Tasks

  • Manage Google Docs & Organization
  • Create Surveys
  • Gather survey results and compile data
  • Create new email lists
  • Update Website & Domains as needed


  • Keep up-to-date events calendar
  • Manage client “library”
  • Research motivational graphics & quotes
  • Research articles and content

This is just a sample list and you can pick and choose based on your needs.  As someone who has worked with boutique fitness studios for years, I know first-hand how important it is to provide results for your clients, retain clients, and get new clients.  Working on your business is another full-time job. Don’t let your business get in the way of Your business.

Let me know how I can help you today.

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