When I was growing up, I wanted to be a boss lady so badly. I didn’t know what type of business I was going to have, but I was going to be mega-powerful CEO.

Dare to dream …

I remember setting up my office in my bedroom. I shared it with my little sister. She wanted to be a teacher and she would set up her side of the bedroom as her classroom. When her ‘students’ misbehaved, she would send them to my office.

Maybe the desk and office supplies made her see me as the principal. It didn’t matter. We found a way to coexist in our little fantasies.

Little girl CEO Gotta Love Myself

Flash forward to today and I still have the same dream. I run a couple of businesses and trying to get a third off the ground.

Turning dreams into reality

One of them is a fitness studio in Austin, TX.  I co-own Rafael PT Fitness where we help people who have joint pain get relief!  The other is a blog that helps electricians prepare for the electrical license in Texas.

I haven’t really put my entire focus into this third business so I haven’t made much progress on it but it’s coming….soon 🙂  I want to be able to help other women make their childhood dreams come to life.  For me, it was business and acting, and I continue to follow those dreams.  And I have to say, it feels amazing.

But co-owning a business, and running a 2nd business in a niche that is profitable but not really what gets me out of bed in the morning is not enough.  I want to pursue something that is going to help women like me.

Come what may and trust the process

So, as soon as I set up my first couple of quarters on my other businesses, I am going full blast on this third one. This one is all mine. 100%.

To learn more you can go to gottalovemyself.com otherwise, just hang tight and I’ll reveal it all soon 🙂

Thanks for reading!